This lecture-performance examines the historically imagined representation of the West and at the same time reflects on the position of an Iranian performer on a European theater stage today. Since theater as an art form arrived in Iran in the 19th century, it has been a progressive tool in the hands of playwrights: They were pioneers in times of enlightenment and socio-political changes. As a new means of communication, plays quickly became a medium that described the present and testified to the past. It is fascinating how this Western phenomenon of theater became a modern means of portraying, praising and also criticizing the West. Plays began to construct the West and create an imagined reality of it. As it was for the first generation of Iranian playwrights, theater today is still a place where the unbearable reality of today can be reimagined - remembered, re-read and re-performed without nostalgia for the past.

Concept, Text & Performance Azade Shahmiri | Dramaturgical Consultation & Outside Eye Isar Aboumahboub | Light Designer Saba Kasmaei | Sound & Video Nazanin Mehraein | Visual Advisor & Image Leila Ahmadi Abadeh | Production Flinn Works as part of White Money Project

Premiere: Berlin, Sophiensaele | November 2021

©Photo Julia Klotz