The camera pans nervously along the floor. Close-ups show half-faces, hands on tables, or curling cigarette smoke. The fragmentary nature of these shots taken in a Tehran coffeehouse in 2001 was the starting point for creating Quasi. Three characters talk about life in present-day Iran, overcoming the constraints of time, place, and body. The stories are incomplete, open, interwoven, underscoring the permeability of identities. Quasi is a reflection on the emergence of narrative; it too illustrates the need for resistance to oppressive circumstances.

Text, Direction Azade Shahmiri | With Isar Aboumahboub, Naghmeh Manavi, Melika Shokri | Film Hamid Jafari | Dramaturgy Leila Ahmadi Abadeh | Light design Saba Kasmaei | Sound, Video Hesam Salehbeig | Set, Costume Azade Shahmiri in collaboration with Leila Ahmadi Abadeh | Coproduction Wiener Festwochen, Kaserne Basel, Points communs - nouvelle scéne nationale Cergy-Pontoise

Premiere: Wiener Festwochen | June 2021

Presentations: Arts & Humanities Cergy-Pontoise, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Kaserne Basel.

©Photo Nurith Wagner Strauss
 Image Leila Ahmadi Abadeh

2021 © Azade Shahmiri