Nearby Museum
This site-specific performance depicts the story of a performer, Homa, who has been deprived of a theatre group in her absence through a democratic voting process. While visiting the exhibition at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Homa investigates the reasons behind her exclusion by making several phone calls. The three performers walk through the ramps of the museum while talking on the phone trying to make different versions of the story of Homa's exclusion. The particular interior architecture of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art provided different levels of vision through the ramps and circular spaces. the audiences were free to walk alongside the performers during the performance to see them through diverse points of view.

Concept & Direction Azade Shahmiri | Text Soheil Amirsharifi | Performers Neda Jebreili, Paniz Barzali, Sajad Tabesh | Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art | 30 Nights, 30 Performance Festival.

©Photo Mehdi Chakeri